Monday, February 23, 2009


You know that game you play with little kids?  The one where you point to an animal and then ask them what sound the animal makes?  Well, if someone pointed to these fine specimens, I'm not sure if I would know whether to moo, oink, or bark.  My best guess would be whatever sound truffle hunting pigs make. 

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  1. So cute....!!!! I had an english bull dog "Moe" he was a great dog; due to seizures we had to put him down last Spring...oh how I miss him. Your bullies are adorable...! I would really like another bullie however; we plan to move to NC so until then I am holding off.....not sure about you but after having bull dogs I just can't see myself owner anything else. Love your blog....! I will be back often to see your latest post and of course to see if you have posted more pics of the bullies sporting your crochet......hey what more could a girl ask for bullies and yarn. I have a pick of Moe on my Got Coffee blog.